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Is there a set up video?

Yes on the Snyper Hunting Products website and Youtube.

Can any SIM Card work?

No, The Camera will send to any Network phone, but the camera itself must be connected through AT&T or T Mobile service.

When I select photo on the screen, why is it still in video?

Check the Photo/Video Toggle Switch

Does it send video over cell service?

No, The Cameras will only transmit pictures. Pictures are usually received within 30 seconds.

Do all multi-shot pictures transmit to the cell or app?

No, It will only send the first pic taken. The other pics will be stored on the SD card.

Can i send to both the Snyper App and my cell phone at the same time?

Yes, By utilizing the Email 1, and Email 2 Locations. You can also refer to the setup video for this.

What kind of batteries to you recommend and why?

Use Lithium Batteries. The camera will quit transmitting pics at 8.6 volts, Lithium batteries will sustain that until they are dead where Alkaline batteries will not.

With the snyper app, can I adjust the camera's picture / video settings?

This Function is only available if your camera is set up as a text plan. These settings do not work if you are utilizing coverage from Snyper, or Data only Coverage from AT&T

Cellular Camera troubleshooting checklist


The following checklist is a step by step guide to getting your Snyper Hunting Products Commander 3G or General 3G sending pictures to your phone, app, or email.

  1. Included with your camera is an AT&T sim card. You will need to activate this to transmit pictures.

You can purchase your service by clicking on this link, which will take you to our website. (recommended)


You can activate your service through

2. Once activated you are ready to setup your camera. Make sure you have the active sim card, SD card, lithium ion batteries, and antenna installed on your camera.

3. Power your camera on (General 3G should be on setup, Commander 3G cellular switch on, power on, then press the “ok” button.

4. Your camera will initially say “searching…” once you have established cellular signal you should press the “menu” button then go to the “3G” tab on your cameras screen, then drop down to “send to”- “email”- “email 1”.

5.Once you are in the “email 1” screen enter the phone number you would like your pictures to be transmitted to. Ex. (AT&T), (Verizon), ect.

6.If you would like to receive pictures via the Snyper Hunting Products app the you will need the phone number for your sim card that you received when you activated in step 1. Enter that number into email 1 ex. .

7.Then go back to the main screen of the camera (use the menu button as the back button). Point the camera at whatever you would like then press the OK button to take a test picture. The screen will either say send SMTP…

8.You should receive the transmitted picture within a minute or two to your cellular device.

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